Why I plan my days to give me freedom of time

“The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you’re willing to sacrifice” ― Nathan W. Morris


Freedom of time. What a luxury to have in this very expensive world right? It seems like we’re so into making money in the first part of the life, that we do not realise that we do not seem to realise that time is running out and with that the heartfelt wishes and passions. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can choose where you spend the time and energy and ultimately your goals and passions and this can be very rewarding and indeed enriching.

Ever since I was young I had this dream: to be time free to be able to do whatever my heart felt like doing. It was not until I started the corporate world that I found out that time can be a luxury to have and admired those who have this rare luxury. I sometimes watch the pensioners and think how lucky they are not only to have lived and experienced life by their loved ones but also to be enjoying their time on things they’re actually passionate about. This forces me to think about what would I be doing when I get to that age if I do that is as I don’t even know if I will be alive by then haha. In contrast, I also see a lot of people that are not happy, not because they no longer want to do the things they are passionate, but because they no longer have the person by their side to motivate them and show them and feel appreciated for their work. It’s sad.

Whilst working away, I realised having time does not necessarily mean fulfilling goals. Before graduating from my studies, I thought my life has just started as I start to work and I used to think that whilst you work you have this luxury called time. After about 6 months of having my dream job, I felt completely unsatisfied with my work and saw no more chances to grow and spent time on things I had no returnable value to me. My expectations quickly started to shatter and no amount of money could make up for it. What I wanted was to spend my time on things that I felt passionate about. Of course, I am passionate about my work but I also want to do more with my life and fulfil my other passions that are only possible with time freedom can give. I then decided to work on my passions.

Time is an irreplaceable entity. I learnt I was wasting my valuable time and what made me think is once I read the book ‘ The 7 habits of highly effective people ‘ by Stephen Convey, a book I highly recommend, I learnt a lot of valuable skills; the main one being the fact that it is so vital to “start with the end” in mind. Asking yourself the question: ‘How do I see myself after completing this? what will I see, hear and feel when I have completed this goal?’ Not only does this question motivate you but also lets you be certain that you actually want to accomplish the goal you decided and it is not due to any pressure or influences. One chapter in this book not only forced me to think we are going to die and we don’t know when and how but also how you want to be remembered and what things do you want to do to be remembered for.

So how do you want to be remembered? Time freedom is a decision you can also make and being able to enjoy and add meaning to your life so why not start now? You’re spoilt for choice on things you could do with your loved ones. Life can change at any moment, so why not take this moment and make it worthwhile? That’s my aim in life: to have the time freedom to be my best and deliver value and serve others.

So what do I do every day that gives me freedom of time? Prepare, prepare and prepare! Yes, that’s right! Planning for your time is so invaluable so that it not only focusses your time on those tasks but also lets you schedule the remaining time on passions and goals that you really want to work on. I tend to plan my week ahead on the tasks and projects I want to concentrate that certain week and then the night before I take to a detailed plan on my next day to get the best out of the next day. Sounds simple but it can actually work wonders if you implement this! If you want a detailed post on this topic let me know in the comments below.

Finally, prioritising the passions and goals can be really rewarding and you might not find the time unless you make it. Don’t forget to let me know about your plans for time freedom and how you’re fulfilling your passions and goals.

Stay strong and fulfil your dreams,
Much love,


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