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Need Motivation? Read this

You didn’t do as well as you expected you would have. You’re disappointed and feeling a bit disheartened? Maybe it was a great opportunity and it didn’t go according to plan. Or something came in the way and you didn’t get to go after that opportunity. I can understand. I ...
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Focus on Positives

If something happens, usually people concentrate on the negative side. And, it is not because they want to but they are wired to do so. However, it’s not the negativity that really bothers other people, its the negative cycle that is taken by others as the result of the negativity ...
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Just Start

Whenever you want to do something, there is always a voice inside you that tries and convince you to somehow not do it. I got to admit it is actually really clever the way it persuades you not to do something.However, the true results happen at the end of your ...
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